New year, new adventures.

Hello there, as some of you may be aware of my life in the last few months has changed drastically.  In light of these new beginnings, I’ve decided a new fresh blog address would be a brilliant idea. I’m going to try with the other one for comedic relief. But this one my friends, this is the soul searcher. This location is going to be extra special.

I’m going to be posting some of my personal writing.  Poems and short stories. I’m in the process of re-finding myself. Its tedious, and kind of ugly. Mainly because my spelling, and punctuation can not be saved even by the greatest word check programming. However, my heart has missed writing. So here I am, the internet equivalent of emotionally bare.

I’ll be honest the odds of these posts turning into wine drunk ramblings are high. I’m emotionally okay with that, I’ve come to grips with that part of my soul. She likes red wine, and for some reason, it makes her (me?) shockingly brilliant if the hazed memories are any indication.

I digress, (get used to it-it’s going to happen lots) I’m going to leave you with a couple poems I’ve written. Now my close friends have already read them, and born the brunt of “Should I or shouldn’t I?” But here they are, in all their original splendor.

Poem 1:

Seize the thoughts. Those moments never seem so long as when they’re held at night. No time to hold our gaze. Or need for a starlight haze. Steal the thoughts. Those same hands that held me in as they tore me apart. They hold my weary soul. As love lifts you up. Seize the memories The day light stains the road. Passions end. The day moves forward on, Separating us. Again and again. Seize the thoughts.

Poem 2:
Blended Haze, Twisted moments hold tight to my breath. Only to let me melt to the sky, in a fluid ascent to the stars. Drenched in glitter and resin, Folded to shape, frozen in form. Memories of light gone past. Torn apart over & over again I’ll Never know. I am the whole, an entire entity. Stretched and never broken, taken through black to find the light in my life. No more illusion or distorted vision. Bright warmth to my tingling heart. upon Shaken knees with disjointed smile. Forward on, down the hazy black rabbit hole.

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