Broken Brain

My brain is broken.

Pieces and shards mashed together.
A different puzzle, an alternate solution.
All held to the same reality.
My brain is broken, and the world doesn’t fit.
The trials by fire,
the reactionary prose.
All settle into the disjointed synapses.
My brain is broken, and I don’t know how to fix it.
Its stuck on repeat, faster and faster it turns.
My mind clicks.
Its frozen solid, still in intent and tenacity.
My brain is broken, but it shines.
Bright with brilliance, and hope.
An iridescent home to my dreams, light from the inside.
My brain is a mosaic, trapping music and myth.
Safely housing all I could be, and no key to be found.
So my brain remains broken.
A rusted lock behind trap doors.
Lost inside it self.
Perfection in utter solitude.
My brain is lost.

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