Fight for the memories of those who stayed.
Call to arms the women of today to stand for our daughters and mothers.
When my bones crumble into the earth,
March with dignity and faith.
Know from above and below we from the past stand with you.
My loves – you’re never alone.
Together hold the victories high.
Shine their glory into the scopes of those tied in the dark.
Fill them with grace and hope.
Dictate the tales of our grandmother’s.
Penned with permanence.
Etched into our father’s spirits.
Cradle your talents with kindness.
Give your soul air and space to fly.
Fill it with life- again and again.
Join with integrity and balance.
An army of souls- stronger than the lost.
An infantry of the undeclared and undecided.
All of who we were and can be.
Broken into the earth and released to heaven.
Fight to come home.
With blessed earnings.

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